Based on local statistics and experiences from previous employability initiatives, INTERLOCALITY partners identified a need for a
structured, coordinated and guided process that equips international degree students with the necessary skills to enter the local labour markets. Often international students are do not bring the adequate qualifications for integration into the regions nor are aware of what it takes to get their foot into the local labour markets.

The reasons behind these common patterns are expected to be further explored and justified by the conclusions drawn from the reaserch and data collection within WP2.

Therefore, the focus of  WP3  is the development of the “International Talent Journey (ITJ)”, a structured qualification process for international students, based on the identified needs and match with lack of skills and opportunities. This includes:

A) Employability Activity Catalogue (EAC) – an activity catalogue that HEIs can use as inspiration and customize their ITJ according to their own structures, needs and resources. The activities collected in the EAC are refined by the consortium based on previous and current
employability activities;

B) New innovative pre-Internship format with the purpose of creating low threshold early-stage contact between companies and international students;

C) A model for the ITJ containing tested and evaluated activities from the EAC;

D) A technical user guide for the implementation of a digital setup for the ITJ administration and management purposes of the students’ individual path through the ITJ on local level.

Employability Activity Catalogue - EAC

EAC is a map and collection of employability and retention activities implemented in partners' contries, which are the basis for a special Career Programme within the “International Talent Journey” (ITJ).

International Talent Journey -ITJ

ITJ is an intensive career development program for international students, to facilitate their entering into the local labour markets. The concept contains common framework and content while the core activities can be chosen due to the local differences and individual's needs.

The output will be ready on December 2024.

ITJ Technical Userguide

The userguide to help HEIs in the implementation and management of ITJ addressed to international students.

The output will be ready on January 2025.