To increase the local employment of the international students and thereby their retention in the destination countries, it is fundamental to provide all actors involved in the student journey into the labour market (i.e. company, 3rd sector and HEI staff) with the necessary competences to support the students in their employability.

WP4 builds on the results and insights of the mapping and data collection (WP2) as well as the ITJ (WP3) which will provide insights regarding what competence development is needed among staff at HEIs, companies and 3rd sector actors to support the international degree students in their retention and employability.

 The first element of WP4 is the development and piloting of 3 online training courses addressed to staff at HEIs, companies and third sector organizations and associations: Employer-Ability, Guidance & Counselling, Intercultural Sensitivity. Each course consists of 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) to accommodate for the different needs and resource limitations (e.g. time) among the target groups. This brings flexibility to the trainings and helps attract more participants with a low threshold-approach. 

The second part of WP4 consists of the development and piloting of a digital assessment based on a initial quiz (one per each course) to help learners in identifying the level to start with and on a knowledge check at the end of each course level. This aims to assess the target groups’ competences in guidance and counselling, intercultural sensitivity as well as their knowledge on Employer-Ability and their potential to support international students in this matter.

The last part of WP4 is the development of a user guide to adapt the open-source course and digital assessment tools to the local needs of HEIs, companies and third sector actors.

Employer-Ability course

This course addresses the issue of employability of the international students and graduates, but also the issue of employer-ability of the local SMEs and how HEIs and third sector organisations can support the development of both.

Guidance & Counselling course

This course brings to the forefront career Guidance and Counselling by equipping all actors involved in international talents’ journey into the local labour market with necessary knowledge and skills to support and guide them efficiently.

Intercultural Sensitivity course

This course is a transformative journey towards enhancing intercultural competence. It equips staff with the knowledge and skills to navigate diverse cultural contexts with sensitivity and confidence and to recognise, understand, and adapt to cultural differences in a respectful manner.

Courses Userguide

The development of this user guide aimed to adapt the open-source courses and digital tools to the local needs of HEIs, companies and third sector actors, as well as to guarntee the courses sustainability and dissemination behind the project-life.

The output will be ready on January 2025.